Landmark Group CEO Pays Courtesy Visit to UK Deputy High Commissioner in Lagos

Lagos, 11 June 2024 - Landmark Group CEO, Mr Paul Onwuanibe, today paid a courtesy visit to the British Deputy High Commissioner in Lagos, Mr. Jonny Baxter.

During the meeting, the UK-born entrepreneur, Mr Paul Onwuanibe articulated the organisation’s strategic plans to expand Landmark Group across other parts of Nigeria and West Africa.

His ambitious vision includes the development of tourism and leisure businesses in other West African countries such as Gambia, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Ghana and other parts of Nigeria like Akwa Ibom, Imo and Abia States whose leaderships are keen on expanding on tourism in their locations.

These initiatives aim to recreate the vibrant and dynamic experiences that Landmark Beach and Ecosystem is known for and leveraging its expertise in the tourism and leisure industry to enhance economic growth, social and environmental impact, create jobs and new micro-SME’s in these regions.

Mr. Onwuanibe's meeting with the UK High Commission underscored the importance of strong international relations and support for UK businesses operating abroad, especially that the Landmark Group was founded in the United Kingdom and its first office was and remains in the UK. The discussions highlighted the potential for significant contributions to the tourism sectors of these West African nations, promoting cross-cultural engagement, job creation and economic development.

"The Landmark Group is keen to explore new horizons and opportunities. We are committed to working with the various Governments to bring the same level of excellence and innovation to new destinations, ensuring that our ventures contribute positively to local economies, job creation for the people and create seamless and memorable experiences for visitors,” stated Mr. Onwuanibe.

Reacting to the new investment and expansion plans, British Deputy High Commissioner, Mr. Jonny Baxter expressed strong support for Onwuanibe’s vision.

"I am pleased to hear about the great work that the Landmark Group is doing to improve tourism across Nigeria and Africa and the scale of development and investment plans. Your dedication to enhancing tourism and leisure across West Africa and beyond is commendable and is a testament of the ‘invest in Africa’, 'invest in Nigeria’ hopes of the UK government,” he said.

As the Landmark Group embarks on this new chapter, it’s business focus remains on creating impactful and sustainable tourism, leisure and entertainment experiences that benefit both local communities and international visitors.