About the Company

The Landmark Group is a leading real estate development and services business in Africa. TheLandmark story began in London in 1997 as a serviced office provider. As we expanded across Europe and into Africa, so did our knowledge of the industry and global trends. We then metamorphosized into a Property Development Company and proceeded to create our own property destination.

The Landmark is a business, leisure and lifestyle destination and our ecosystem is currently made up of a diverse development portfolio of over 150,000sqm, which cuts across seven industries. These industries include commercial offices, retail developments, hospitality and conferencing facilities, a Leadership Academy, several food and beverage facilities, residential facilities, and recreational and sporting facilities along the Atlantic Ocean coastline.

Our development pipeline is replete with innovative and challenging projects, and we are always on the look-out to bolster our team with innovative individuals with the mettle to not only the dream the future but also build it.

The Opportunity

With the growing needs of the Landmark Group, the organization needs an individual who would be responsible for the day-to-day management and operations of the Group’s Hospitality businesses, by using his/her knowledge, skills, and abilities to set the right goals and objectives.

Manager Responsibilities:
  • Love people, genuinely. Love to deliver on great experiences that become part of the customer’s fond memories.

  • Bold. Oversee, manage, and direct the affairs of the Landmark Leisure Beach and Landmark Hotel. These two leisure offerings have a combined weekly footfall of over ten thousand people and are the heart of the most visited leisure destination in Lagos. These leisure businesses are largely family oriented, and providing each demography activities, events, and experiences to explore and enjoy in a safe and serene environment

  • Creative. Deliver on world-class experience, activities, and events to the patrons of these leisure offerings. Providing creativity on the methods of delivery on these experiences, activities, and events that it becomes part of the identity and a leverage over the competition. Understanding patron (largely family) leisure tastes and responding to these tastes to amplify the experience of the leisure offerings and keep these businesses a first-rate choice of leisure seekers.

  • Management. The day-to-day grind of running businesses in a difficult clime. People management, vendor (onsite businesses) management, contractor management, development participation, operations supervision, oversee financial management and all the attention to detail that is required to ensure qualitative administration of the businesses to keep delivering value to the customer and society.

  • Service-Oriented. Standardization of excellent service delivery. Proper understanding and experience of world class service, in-depth knowledge of the challenges of service delivery in Nigeria and finding innovative ways for the team to deliver world-class service, largely under pressure. Innate belief in the customer’s royalty and conforming all systems and environment to produce that experience and service that leaves the customer attached to the organization.

  • Innovative. Seek out other hospitality initiatives in other location to build the brand and offering. Advice the business development team and finance team on hospitality initiatives and support all departments to create a tourist destination at Landmark.

  • Leadership and collaboration. Lead core team by providing exemplary leadership and levelheadedness and providing direction to multiple non-team members in creating the synergy required for evaluating, executing, and managing business objectives. Fostering collaboration among other group department managers to maintain the diversity needed to achieve the Group’s business and operational goals. Taking an active interest in the development of team members and general competence of employees of the Group.

  • Be versatile. Ability to handle multiple challenges across roles, department, and ideas.

Qualifications/Work Experience
  • First degree. Advanced degrees accepted. Hospitality or leisure related degree will be an advantage
  • Out of country experience either through education or employment is asignificant requirement
  • Experience in hospitality or leisure related organizations is a requirement.
  • Minimum five years post-graduation experience in leisure, hospitality or service delivery organization would be an advantage.
  • Ability to lead a Team, be creative and innovative, proactive, resilient, attentive to details and having excellent personal mastery and integrity

Key to Success:

The individual will need to demonstrate:

  • Strong leadership skills, critical thinking
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision as well as work effectively within a multidisciplinary team.
  • Superior verbal and written interpersonal communication skills
  • The ability to collaborate and build consensus across departments and among stake holders
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Teamwork and problem solving to achieve goals
  • Well organized with good prioritization/workload management abilities.
  • Professional discipline and importance of outstanding work
  • A high level of integrity and trust
  • Commitment to self-learning and continuous skill and professional knowledge development.

Qualified candidates should send their CV and cover letter to recruitment@landmarkafrica.com