Job Accountability and Responsibility Description for Construction Manager


The Landmark Group (Group) is a leading real estate development and services business in Africa. In our over two decades of operating in Africa, we have evolved from pioneering the serviced office business in many countries in Africa to pioneering developments that promote our business, leisure, and lifestyle philosophy.

We have provided a vast network of Fortune 500 corporates with property solutions and are always improving on a development portfolio that includes Grade A commercial buildings, retail developments, state-of-the-art hospitality and conferencing facilities, and high footfall leisure destinations. Our development pipeline is replete with innovative and challenging projects and we are always on the look-out to bolster our team with innovative individuals with the mettle to not only the dream the future but also build it.

The Company is now seeking to bring in a Construction Manager, who shall be required to work closely on upcoming projects, with the Company and the external team, and in line with the general or main contractor’s programme of works to ensure the works are designed, constructed and delivered at a high level of quality given the Company’s established brand as the premier provider of world class business, leisure and lifestyle realty solutions

The Construction Manager will actively help with identifying innovative and creative approaches for the construction of Waterview Apartments within aggressive construction timelines, quality benchmarks and cost constraints while bearing in mind the peculiar nature of the Landmark Village as a hybrid operational and development site with heavy footfall and vehicular traffic.

Core Responsibilities:
1. Pre-construction Phase:

The CM shall review design and tenders. The CM shall be involved in negotiations and contractor selection with a view to achieving the fundamental objective of successfully undertaking and completing the Project well within the ambit of the Project Sum, the Project Period and within anticipated quality. Further to the services to be provided by the CM shall include but not necessarily be limited to the following:

  1. Review the design, contractor estimating, and work scheduling completed to date (related to both infrastructure and buildings) and provide an assessment of the scope and adequacy these items.

  2. Preparation of Master Project Execution Plan (Time Schedule), including pre- construction activity for planning commission, import scheduling, site operations scheduling, design engineering, tender event schedule, purchase strategy, contracting strategy and construction, including Project closure and handover to maintenance.

  3. Establish a project completion date to specify the start and end of the defect’s liability period.

  4. Initiate EHS Plan, Risk management to be accepted and signed off by Client.

  5. Attend design meetings as needed and assist in development of project plans (buildings, infrastructure and open spaces) and specifications and make recommendations for modifications of plans and specifications that will enhance the design, constructability, value, and cost/time efficiency of the development.

  6. Review and advise on the life cycle cost of proposed materials or methods with regard to initial cost, maintenance cost, durability, and replacement cost.

  7. Review the design and contract documents for accuracy, completeness, consistency, constructability, and compliance with the project program and codes and coordinate for finalization.

  8. Review and advise on requests for Additional Services submitted by the design team. At Landmark’s request, represent Landmark in negotiations with members of the design team regarding Additional Services requests.

  9. Analyze all contractor’s schedule for construction and advise on completeness and coordination with the project schedule and the tenants’ event schedules.

  10. Analyze all contractors’ cost estimates for completeness and accuracy and participate in value engineering.

  11. Analyze and prepare recommendations regarding subcontractor bids, coverage, pricing, and coordination.

  12. Assist in finalizing the contract with all contractors.

  13. Perform a review of all contract documents, including but not limited to drawings, specifications, addenda, and bid documents, to ensure a complete understanding prior to the start of construction, and as required to efficiently perform the tasks described in this scope.

2. Construction to Completion Phase:

Successfully undertake and complete the Project well within the ambit of the Project Sum, the Project Period and within anticipated quality. Further to, the services to be provided by the CM shall include but not necessarily be limited to the following:

  1. Provide comprehensive construction phase management which includes on-going full-time supervision, project management and inspection of work quality, review drawings, preparation of change orders and contractor payment estimates, final inspections, and submitting project completion reports.

  2. Track and update the prepared Master Project Execution Plan (Time Schedule), including planning, site operations scheduling, design engineering, purchase, contracting and construction.

  3. Publish a 6-8 week look-ahead schedule including 3rd party inputs/ inspection tests and import scheduling.

  4. Review and advise on revisions or upgrades during the course of construction with respect to cost, schedule, and design intent and make recommendations to Landmark whether or not to include proposed revisions or upgrades.

  5. Identify long-lead items and setup a system to monitor it to ensure the procurement actions are taken timely. Client to manage/ backup with cash flow according to the requirements.

  6. Provide cash flow document. Assist in provision of monthly Cash Flow forecasts for all the work tender packages.

  7. Monitor the work of design consultants in the administration of the plans and specifications.

  8. Co-ordinate with the design office and arrange for a prompt clarification /information in case of a technical issue including management of linear information flow and timely closure of issues.

  9. Co-ordinate approval of finishing material used, mockups, by architect, client and other entities as required.

  10. Provide input of best practices for managing the contractors and consultants, storing and transferring of documentation, and ensuring quality control

  11. Monitor testing and inspection activities:

    1. Monitor inspections scheduled by the contractor or other third parties (government officials, etc.) and assist in resolution of any issues.

    2. Monitor inspections testing by Landmark or Landmark retained firms, review inspection reports and test results, and assist in resolution of any issues.

    3. Monitor systems testing and commissioning inspections, review inspection reports and test results, and assist in resolution of any issues.

    4. Review other field/inspection reports and assist in resolution of any issues.

  12. Monitor and evaluate all the necessary checks and performance criteria for project scope of constructions works, not limiting to Civil Structure, Interior, Electrical, ELV, IT, BMS, HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Fighting, STP services and all scope of work as per Contracts for this project.

  13. Assist as necessary in coordinating temporary and permanent relocation and installation/hook-up of all utilities as required.

    1. Grid power, generator power, IPP;

    2. MEPF services;

  14. Monitor general contractor’s submittals, requests for information (RFIs), and other contractor and architect correspondence.

  15. Perform on-site monitoring of construction work with respect to quality, schedule, and design intent.

  16. Submit monthly progress reports with flagged action items requiring urgent attention from Client, any urgency notification on priority to be also brought to the notice timely.

  17. Attend regularly scheduled construction site meetings and other meetings as required by Landmark. Monitor action items, and advise Landmark on items requiring action or response by Landmark

  18. In conjunction with the other consultants on the delivery team, issue instructions on the project as it pertains, but not limited, to facilitating works, building works, external and associated works

  19. Review reporting and documentation requirements including, but not necessarily limited to, the following:

    1. Contractor’s monthly Application for Payment

    2. Updated construction schedules

    3. Contract Documents

    4. Change Orders

  20. Check and certify running account and final bills of all contractors

  21. Record any work that in the Construction Manager’s opinion:

    1. Is not in conformance with the Contractor Documents

    2. Might result in a claim for a change in Contract Sum or Contract Time

    3. Is substandard and poor quality, determine corrective actions and issue the necessary instructions pursuant to item 10

    4. Change Orders

  22. Assist the Company in reporting and documentation requirement including but not limited to weekly and monthly site progress reports

  23. Record and communicate any work that in the opinion of the CM:

    1. Is not in conformance with the contractor documents

    2. Might result in a claim for a change in the Project Sum or Project Period

    3. Is substandard and of poor quality

  24. Change Orders: Review all change order requests by the contractors, advise the Company on the validity of proposed changes and their impact on schedules and/or cost, and at the Company’s request represent it in negotiations with the general contractors regarding change orders. Maintain a monthly log of pending and approved change orders including cost and time impact.

  25. Assist in coordination of snag list inspection and completion.

  26. Identity any deviation from the construction budgets provided by the main contractors andsub-contractors; proactively identify any issues that may lead to potential cost overruns and advise the Company of the costs required to complete construction, recommend any remedial action that should be taken and procure the efficient implementation of such remedial action upon approval of same.

  27. Assist in ensuring all relevant standards and regulatory approvals are complied with or secured especially as regards development and building plans.

  28. Development and implementation of formal documentation processes and controls, creation of document templates, project and construction policies and plans, implementation and standardisation of same. Ensure the correct system of storage and retrieval of project documentation and handing over of contract documentation to the Company’s Legal & Compliance Department.

  29. Assist in implementing and maintaining appropriate health, safety and environment standards at the site of the Project.

  30. Provide timely and relevant information as may be required by third parties for purposes of securing funding for the Project.

3. Construction Close Out
  1. Identify and communicate any conditions that may need to be fulfilled prior to handover to the Company including issuance of a Certificate of Completion and ensure the fulfilment of such conditions.

  2. Establish a handing over strategy, underlining the list of documents, drawings, test Certificates, Performance guarantee, warranty / guaranty cards etc. for Specified items.

  3. Review and advise on items to be completed or corrected with the issuance of a Certificate of Substantial Completion (snag lists).

  4. Assist, review and advise on completion and issuance of As-Builts and Warranties.

  5. Preparation and closure of contractors account statements

  6. Assist in training the Operations and Facility Management teams in the operations and maintenance of the project

  7. Assist in ensuring seamless handover to the purchasers for fit-out works or any other beneficial purpose.

  8. Coordinate such that the list of Contacts and maintenance manuals etc. are handed over to Client.

  9. Produce post-project evaluation reports which should capture all relevant lessons learned from the Project.

  1. Advanced degrees in Engineering, Project Management, Real Estate Development, Construction or related field. Requisite experience with a first degree will also be considered.
  2. Experience both in Africa and outside Africa either through education or employment history will be an added advantage.
  3. Minimum 10 years post-graduation experience in real estate, having managed the construction of a multi-storey building. Experience in mixed-use building is an advantage.
  4. Should have attained Senior Management Level in a real estate organization or construction company

  1. Experience working in a client-side real estate development environment.
  2. Good understanding of business and management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation and project management.
  3. Business analysis skills, with the ability to foresee issues, develop constructive solutions and provide decisive recommendations.
  4. Knowledge of local and state level laws and regulations regarding real estate development.
  5. Ability to present to large groups of people.
  6. AAbility to manage multiple projects at the same time, while balancing priorities and deadlines.
  7. Ability to motivate and direct people effectively through positive leadership.
  8. Ability to interact with diverse individuals and develop solutions to problems

Qualified candidates should send their CV and cover letter to